Bears Hump over looking Waterton town site

Bears Hump in Waterton national Park - Spherical 3D movie allows you to look up and down as well as left & right. Use your mouse to drag the movie up and down and your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, click the icon in the top right of the movie to view the movie in full screen mode and click Esc key to return to normal viewing mode. I can provide this type of photography for your web site to see more VR images visit: My Canadian Nature photographer web site.



Robert provides a variety of photography services, stock images and on location shooting. His photographs have received international awards and have been published in National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Photo Life, Outdoor Photography, Bragg About the Creek, UpHere Now and numerous text books. Robert has taken stock photos for Getty Images and currently has over 1 million images for sale. He has had several gallery showings and sells his photographs to private print collectors, magazines, and web sites. Images for the web can be purchased for as low as $20.00. His clients include Alberta Government, magazines, and book publishers. He photographed most of the images for the Bow Habitat Museum exhibit on fly-fishing. Robert has a degrees in Zoology and Cell Biology and has led photo tours on the BC coast, Canadian Rockies and into the Arctic. For a quote call Robert at 403 247-2457.

Bow Habitat Photos by Robert Berdan

The majority of the photos in the Bow Habitat Musuem were taken by Robert.

A larger portfolio of Robert's Nature, Wildlife and Science photos can be seen on the Canadian Nature Photographer and a sampling on Flickr.

Robert's enjoys Nature, Wildlife, Travel and Science photography most, however he also provides photographic services for sporting events (rodeo, motorcycle racing, squash, badminton, tennis, etc), and real estate, hotels, night clubs, jazz musicians and outdoor group photos. Robert has over 45 years experience with photography and provides his clients with Digital images edited with photoshop on a DVD for their use. He also can provide virtual tours, and spherical imaging. Robert has also taught Photoshop for 20 years and has 20 years experience working in a Black and white and colour darkroom. His equipment includes both Nikon and Canon high resoution DSLR cameras with lens ranging from 8 mm to 1500 mm. Some samples of his work are shown below.

Magazine covers by Robert Berdan ©

Some of Robert's magazine and book cover shots above

Commercial photographs by Robert Berdan ©

Left: Mural for West Jet and the Northwest Territories Right: Exterior of Home

Robert has provided interior and exterior photos of hotels, homes etc below is a sample CD Cover and photos provided for the Bayshore Inn in Waterton.

Bayshore Inn DVD cover of Photographs by Robert Berdan ©

Robert can provide HDR imaging and super wide shots to show interiors in small places like bathrooms -below.

HDR imae of interior by Robert Berdan ©

Guest room at Bayshore Inn Waterton - photographed using HDR to show view outside windows

Bathroom photograph with wide angle lens by Robert Berdan ©

Bathroom at the Bayshore - an example of tight space photographed with a 14 mm wide angle lens

360 panaroma of the Bayshore Convention Centre by Robert Berdan ©

360 panaroma of the Bayshore Convention Centre - this was also made into a 3D virtual movie

Chateau Lake Louise Panorama of the interior  by Robert Berdan

Chateau Lake Louise Panorama of the interior

Lolita's - example of low light photography of a Jazz Band  by Robert Berdan ©

Lolita's nightclub - example of low light photography of a Jazz Band

Moto Cross raceer by Robert Berdan ©

Moto cross racing in Calgary

Rodeo photograph by Robert Berdan ©

Cochrane Rodeo - Photo won 1st prize Canadian Geographic for Sports

Texas word squash championships by Robert Berdan ©

Texas Open World Squash Championships 1982

Texas world squash championships by Robert Berdan ©

Group photography by Robert Berdan ©

Group Photograph Yellowknife NWT

Outdoor Natural light Portrait Halle Flygare and Dr Wayne Lynch ©

Outdoor Natural light Portrait

Lifestyle Photos - People doing things they love  by Robert Berdan ©

Lifestyle Photos - People doing things they love outdoors

DVD Design and Photographs by Robert Berdan  ©

DVD Design and Photographs by Robert Berdan

Greay Horned owl by Robert Berdan ©

Robert has many Landscapes, wildlife, Aurora Borealis and science images for sale - see Gallery on the Canadian Nature photographer web site designed and owned by Robert. Robert has over 40 years photography teaching experience and writes articles regularly for magazines and his web site the Canadian Nature Photographer. In the past Robert provided Web design and programming though he no longers offers these services.

Interviews, magazine features and websites with Robert's Photography:

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How to Photograph Grizzly Bears by Robert Berdan on PhotoNaturalist
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The Art of Seeing by Robert Berdan - article in Bragg About the Creek PDF
Royal Canadian Mint uses one of Robert's Photographs for $20 Coin.

Robert charges $100\hr for on-site photography and $80\hr for Photoshop editing. He will travel to locations across North America. While he provides a vareity of photography services his speciality includes outdoor, travel, nature and wildlife photography. Robert shoots with both Nikon and Canon gear and has special equipment for photo-micrography, macro-photography and owns lenses ranging from 8 mm to 1500 mm. His photographs everything from the size of a microbe to closeups of the moon.

Please Note: I do not offer wedding photography or studio portraits. I do offer object virtual reality of products for web site - see below. Object VR images are used on web sites to allow visitors to view a product from all angles and they can spin like the chair below. Robert can also provide short video clips for use on the web.

HDR Photography to show what's Outside a window

By combining differently exposed photos it's possible to extend the dynamic range of a scene to match that which the human eye can see. In the above photo two different exposures were combined - one for the outside and one for the inside - to create a more realistic image where you can see the view outside the window.

HDR sample photograph by Robert Berdan ©

Above photos show a dark exposure to properly expose the outside scene, the lighter exposure for inside and the combined high dynamic range (HDR) photo.

ART Prints

Exhibition prints by Robert Berdan ©

Large wall print for art decoration

Prints by Robert Berdan - Printed using Epson Inkjet Prints on Archival Premium Lustre paper or on Photographic Paper - Lustre surface.

1) 8.5 x 11 inch (Image area about 9 x 6 inches) - $60.00
2) 10 x 15 inches - printed on 13 x 19 inch paper - $150.00 
3) 13 x 19 inch (full bleed to edge) - $200.00 
4) 16 x 24 inch prints - $300.00 
5) 24 x 36 inch prints - $500.00 
6) 44 x 72 inch prints - $1,000.00

For larger images or digital files up to billboard size (48 feet wide by 14 feet high) - please contact me

Purchase Digital file and have it printed yourself and save money and shipping costs: 

To save you money - if you prefer you can purchase a digital file of any specific image that includes a signature embedded in the file. These images can be used for making prints for personal use only - at a substantial savings. The images will only contain my embedded signature (not my web site URL).

Digital Files for personal prints are available in the following sizes and cost:

1) 5 x 7 inches 300 dpi - $20.00
2) 9 x 6 inches 300 dpi - $35.00 
3) 10 x 15 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $100.00 
4) 13 x19 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $150.00 
5) 16 x 20 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $200.00 
6) 24 x 36 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $250.00

HOckney style photograph by Robert Berdan

Hockney style photograph

Calgary Skyline by Robert Berdan ©

Calgary Skyline

The Art of Canadian Nature Photography cover deisgn by Robert Berdan ©

Robert's New Book Featuring Photos from Across Canada is now available as an E-book - you can download a free sample chapter in PDF format.

View Robert's Nature and Science Portfolio

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