Virtual reality 360 Spherical Imaging

I can provide virtual movies for the web at cost of $499 per movie that show inside or outside views. To see examples of this type of photography visit my virtual reality gallery on my Canadian nature photography site.

HDR Photography to show what's Outside a window

By combining differently exposed photos it's possible to extend the dynamic range of a scene to match that which the human eye can see. In the above photo two different exposures were combined - one for the outside and one for the inside - to create a more realistic image where you can see the view outside the window.

HDR sample photograph by Robert Berdan ©

Above photos show a dark exposure to properly expose the outside scene, the lighter exposure for inside and the combined high dynamic range (HDR) photo.

ART Prints

Exhibition prints by Robert Berdan ©

Large wall print for art decoration

Prints by Robert Berdan - Printed using Epson Inkjet Prints on Archival Premium Lustre paper or on Photographic Paper - Lustre surface.

1) 8.5 x 11 inch (Image area about 9 x 6 inches) - $60.00
2) 10 x 15 inches - printed on 13 x 19 inch paper - $150.00 
3) 13 x 19 inch (full bleed to edge) - $200.00 
4) 16 x 24 inch prints - $300.00 
5) 24 x 36 inch prints - $500.00 
6) 44 x 72 inch prints - $1,000.00

For larger images or digital files up to billboard size (48 feet wide by 14 feet high) - please contact me

Purchase Digital file and have it printed yourself and save money and shipping costs: 

To save you money - if you prefer you can purchase a digital file of any specific image that includes a signature embedded in the file. These images can be used for making prints for personal use only - at a substantial savings. The images will only contain my embedded signature (not my web site URL).

Digital Files for personal prints are available in the following sizes and cost:

1) 5 x 7 inches 300 dpi - $20.00
2) 9 x 6 inches 300 dpi - $35.00 
3) 10 x 15 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $100.00 
4) 13 x19 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $150.00 
5) 16 x 20 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $200.00 
6) 24 x 36 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $250.00

HOckney style photograph by Robert Berdan

Hockney style photograph

Calgary Skyline by Robert Berdan ©

Calgary Skyline

The Art of Canadian Nature Photography cover deisgn by Robert Berdan ©

Robert's New Book Featuring Photos from Across Canada is now available as an E-book - you can download a free sample chapter in PDF format.

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