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Prerequisite(s): Previous Photoshop course or several years experience (this is an advanced course). Students will require their own camera (digital or film) and access to a computer with Adobe Photoshop in order to complete the assignments. I offer a one day digital workshop in my studio that serves as a good introduction to the course, please contact me at 247-2457 if you are interested in taking the one day Intro workshop in my studio. This course requires at least Photoshop CS3, CS4 or CS5.

Description: This course will involve several photographic assignments where students will be required to color correct, modify and enhance their images digitally. The course will cover working with color spaces, calibrating your monitor, digital workflow, converting images to black and white, repairing images, creating custom actions, color correcting images, using digital filters, creating custom edge effects, modifying images to resemble paintings, blending images, making panoramas, working with masks and channels, automating workflow and optimizing images for digital printing.

Instructor: Robert Berdan has been working with digital imaging since 1989 - read his Bio here and see portfolio www.scienceandart.ca free e-book and sample publications If you have questions about this course and whether or not it is suitable for you feel free to email rberdan@scienceandart.org or call (403) 247-2457. You can view Roberts portfolio of nature images at www.canadiannaturephotographer.com

*Jack Davis & Ben Willmore (2004) “How to Wow Photoshop for Photography.” Peach Pit Press, Berkley, CA ISBN 0-321-22799-9 Cost $57.99 CDN. Includes CD with tutorial files.

Assignments: This an assignment base course.

1) Black and white (BW)and a BW image with selective coloring
2) Create a stitched panorama and photo collage
3) Design a Post card and CD cover with a contact sheet
4) Simulate a painting and apply digital effect to a photo
5) Create a PDF slide showwith 20 original images

1. Understanding and Working with Color

Learning Outcome: When you complete this module you will be able to characterize and calibrate your monitor save a custom profile, configure Adobe Photoshop advanced preferences and understand working with color spaces.

Objectives: When you complete this objective you will be able to

1.1 Understand and define color spaces, and device specific gamut
1.2 Understand working with additive and subtractive color
1.3 Characterize and calibrate a computer monitor using Adobe Gamma
1.4 Characterize and calibrate a computer monitor using a Colorimeter
1.5 Modify and optimize the color settings in Adobe Photoshop
1.6 Learn to import digital images from a scanner or digital camera and assign working profiles
1.7 Understand the significance of working with different file formats, RAW, .jpg, .tif, jpeg 2000, Adobe’s DNG format, working with 8 bit vs 16 bit
1.8 Understand megapixels, file size and how digital images compare to film

2. Developing a Digital Workflow

Learning Outcome: When you complete this module you will be able to
import images into Photoshop, assign profiles, crop, resize, color correct, retouch and repair the image using a variety of Photoshop’s retouching tools.

Objectives: When you complete this objective you will be able to

2.1 Use the file browser to find and import images into Photoshop
2.2 Scan and import images into Photoshop
2.3 Determine the proper file size and resolution to work with digital images
2.4 Resize, crop, adjust levels, color correct, sharpen and save images for printing
2.5 Retouch images using clone, blend and patch tools
2.6 Replacing colors in an image and substitute other colors
2.7 Apply levels, curves, color modifications using the Adjustment layers
2.8 Add hair to a portrait
2.9 Add diffused glows to portraits

3. Working with Black and White Digital Images

Learning Outcome: When you complete this module you will be able convert color images into black and white images (BW), manipulate the tones, modify grain, convert images to simulate infrared and create BW images that include color components.

Objectives: When you complete this objective you will be able to

3.1 Convert colour images into black and white images in Photoshop
3.2 Understand how tones on the monitor relate to the zone system
3.3 Converting color images into black and white using color channels
3.4 Convert color to black and white and selectively colour images
3.5 Convert images to simulate the effect of infrared film
3.6 Hand color images by manually tinting with selected colors
3.7 Using quadtones and converting images to sepia
3.8 Simulate the effect of film grain in digital images

4. Blending Images

Learning Outcome: When you complete this module you will be able to
blend images in Photoshop to create collages and panoramas using different layers and layer masks.

Objectives: When you complete this objective you will be able to

4.1 Blend two images using a layer mask
4.2 Blend images to create a panorama
4.3 Describe how to convert panoramas into VR movies
4.3 Use quick masks and channels to select and extract
4.4 Use the extraction tool to change the background of an image
4.5 Create a depth map to control the lens blur filter
4.6 Alter the depth of field in an image using the lens blur filter
4.7 Apply motion blurring & variations to images

5. Using Photoshop Automation Tools

Learning Outcome: When you complete this module you will be able to
use Photoshop to create and use custom actions, load 3rd party actions, create droplets, contact sheets, print packages, PDF slide shows and web galleries

Objectives: When you complete this objective you will be able to

5.1 Create custom actions
5.2 Import 3rd party actions into Photoshop
5.3 Create and use droplets to speed up digital workflow
5.3 Create contact sheets and print packages
5.4 Create PDF files and a PDF slide show
5.5 Create web galleries
5.6 Create a Photo CD cover and include a contact sheet of images

6. Working with Filters and Edge Effects

Learning Outcome: When you complete this module you will be able to
apply a variety of Photoshop filters to create unusual digital effects and make images simulate paintings, line drawings and crayon sketches

Objectives: When you complete this objective you will be able to

6.1 Convert photos into impressionistic images
6.2 Turn a photograph into a water-color painting.
6.3 Convert scanned images into masks
6.4 Create custom shapes for framing and dynamic collage templates
6.5 Increase dynamic range of photographs
6.6 Use the highlight and shadow tool

7. Creating Lighting Effects and a Digital Portfolio

Learning Outcome: When you complete this module you will be able to create custom lighting effects in Photoshop, apply density gradient layers, fix key stoning and choose a color printer

Objectives: When you complete this objective you will be able to

7.1 Create lighting effects and custom backgrounds
7.2 Adding density gradient style filters
7.3 Apply keystone correction to images
7.4 Work with color printers, paper types and archival properties
7.5 Students present digital portfolio to the class

Additional Recommended References for Advanced Users:

1. B Fraser (2005) Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS, Peachpit Press ISBN 0-321-27878-X. $49.00 - Detailed look at Photoshops Raw plug-in and its features.

2. B. Fraser et al (2005) Real World Color Management, 2nd edition. Peach Pit press ISBN 0-321-26722-2 $71.99. An indepth look at color theory, mangement, profiling etc suitable for professional photographers that want to understand color management in depth - not for everyone!

3. H. Johnson (2003) Mastering Digital Printing, Muska & Lipman, Ohio. ISBN 1-929685-65-3. $59.95 Excellent easy to read book about printing with inkjet printers, color calibration - Good introductory book on the subject.

4. B. Haynes & W. Crumpler (2004) Photoshop CS3 Artistry, New Riders Press. ISBN 0-7357-1374. $80.00 Excellent in depth description of how to use Photoshop for professional or advanced amateur photographers - includes CD.

5. D. Blatner and B. Fraser (2003) Real World Photoshop (Get latest edition) - in depth description of photoshop controls and features including color management. Valuable for professional or advanced amateurs.Peach pit press. ISBN 0-3231-11560-0 $77.99.

6. K. Eisman et al (2004) Digital Photography 2nd Edition, Peach pit Press, ISBN 0-321-22372-1 Cost $75.99. Good Intermediate level book that attempts to cover all aspects of digital photography

7. J. Davis (2003) Photoshop Wow Book (get latest edition), Peachpit Press ISBN - 0-321-12397-2. $77.99 Tons of great techiniques for both the graphic artist and photographer includes a CD.

8. Adobe Photoshop CS5 (2010) - Classroom in a book, Adobe Press. Get latest edition. Great step by step tutorials on how to use various tools in photoshop -



Most recent edition

     Notes & Links

       Lecture 1
Monitor tools
       Opitical manual PDF
       Digital Printing
       Lab Color Space
       Color - Theory PDF
       Color Manage PDF
       Accurate color
       Intro Slide Show PDF
       Tryout PhotoshopCS3

       Lecture 2
       Interpolation 1
       Interpolation 2
       Adobe digital PDFs
       Image histograms
       Luminosity defined
       Noise Ninja software
       JPEG 2000 files
       Digital Transition
       Lecture 3
       Art history brush
       Channel mixer
       Infrared conversion
       Layer style tinting
       Antique coloring
       Selective recoloring
       Hand coloring

       Miranda BW conv 
     Digital infrared
       Assign BW\Color

       Lecture 4
RAW notes RB PDF
      RAW slide show
       Adobe DNG converter
       Adobe RAW converter
       Raw workflow
       Camera RAW movie
       ACR Calibration
       Microsoft RAW viewer
     MacBeth target
     Batch Camera RAW
       Camera RAW PDFs
       RAW wikipedia notes
       Alt. RAW converters  
       RAW conv. noise
       CS3 Camera RAW
       Panorama stitiching  
Making collages

       Blending PDF RB
       Panoramas PDF RB
       Assign - Pan\Blend
       Sharpening Cam RAW 4.1
       Cam RAW clarity - video

       Lecture 5
       Book pg 144 grads
       Book pg 154 depth
       Book pg 52 extract

       Extraction PDF
       Actions\Droplets PDF
       Web Galleries
       Assign CD Cover\Card

       Lecture 6
       Polaroid Transfers PDF

       Edge Masks PDF
       Digital Ortons PDF
       Soft Edge framing
       Book pg 112 photo-paint
       Assn Painting\edge
       Assn - PDF porfolio

       Lecture 7
       Lecture 7 notes PDF
       HDR tutorial 1
       HDR tutorial 2
       HDR tutorial 3
       DRI action free
       HDR tutorial CS2
       Sky replace pg 87
       Ext. Dynamic range
       Matching color

        Show PDF portfolio


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      Chromozone System
      Monitor web-calibration
      Digital watermarks
      Pizeogaphy II
      Infrared digital basics
      Digital cam reviews
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      Colour Calibation       ColorVision sypder


Photoshop for Photographers CS4 Notes R. Berdan (PDF)These notes are part of a one day workshop for photographers