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Any version of Photoshop including CS6 Extended

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Photoshop is used for graphic design, printing, web design, and photography. This course focusses on photoshop basics and how to use the main tools and is suitable for any version of Photoshop from 7 to CS5. This course assumes no prior experience with photoshop though it is expected students have a basic working knowledge of how to use their computer. This course can emphasize photography or graphic design depending on students needs.

Textbook: Classroom in a book and exercises from Photoshop Wow Book are excellent accompaniments.

Note the outline below can be customized depending on the clients needs. A web developer, photographer or printer will need to utilize different components of photoshop.

I use photoshop both for photography and graphic design since 1989 and its my favorite program. I have developed and taught photoshop at SAIT and Red Deer College for years including advanced photoshop.

LESSON 1: Introduction to the Photoshop Environment and Sizing

1.1 Images
1.2 Raster and Vector Graphics
1.3 Photoshop Environment Elements
1.4 Navigating in Photoshop
1.5 Sizing Images
1.6 Cropping

LESSON 2: Selecting Image Areas and Working with Layers

2.1 The Rectangular, Elliptical Marquee Tools, and The Lasso Tools
2.2 Saving Selections
2.3 The Magic Wand Tool and The Magnetic Lasso Tool
2.4 Modifying Selections and Floating Versus Fixed Selections
2.5 Undoing Previous Steps and Copying Selections
2.6 Creating Layers, Transforming Layers
2.7 Saving Images in Photoshop Format
2.8 Arranging Layers

LESSON 3: Blending & Compositing, Image Modes, and Color & Painting

3.1 Defringing
3.2 Opacity and Blending Modes
3.3 Feathering Edges
3.4 Mode Characteristics
3.5 Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
3.6 Color Modes
3.7 Selecting Colors
3.8 Painting Tools and The Clone Stamp Tool

LESSON 4: Using Text, Layer Effects, & Filters, and Adjusting & Saving

4.1 Images
4.2 Type Layers
4.3 Layer Effects
4.4 Filters
4.5 Merging and Flattening Layers
4.6 Brightness/Contrast
4.7 Levels Adjustment Layer
4.8 Toning Tools and Hue/Saturation
4.9 Saving for Use in Print Applications and Saving for the Web

LESSON 5: Masking and Layers

5.1 Editing Quick Masks and Alpha Channels
5.2 Layer Masks
5.3 Grayscale Masking
5.4 Clipping Groups

LESSON 6: Vector Paths

6.1 Vector Path Concepts
6.2 Creating Vector Paths
6.3 Editing Paths
6.4 Using Paths for Masking

LESSON 7: Swatches, Gradients, Patterns, Layer Types and Styles

7.1 Swatches
7.2 Gradients
7.3 Patterns
7.4 Fill Layers
7.5 Drawing and Painting Shapes
7.6 Layer Styles
7.7 Advanced Masking
7.8 The Background Eraser
7.9 The Extract command




CS6 Classroom in a Book
recommended text book

How to Wow Photoshop books excellent supplements

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